My Wand

Wand Length: 12 ¼

Wand Flexibility: Quite Bendy flexibility

Wand Wood: Vine wood

Wand Core: Phoenix feather core

I am a muggle-born and never have I ever imagined myself being capable to perform magic.

But when that enormous owl hit my bedroom window on my 11th birthday, carrying a letter from a school named Hogwarts, everything changed. I had to collect the first years’ stuff before the term started! I lived in China, far far away from London, so my parents companied me all the way there. I got my wand in the Ollivanders and it was an unforgettable experience.

As soon as I arrived in Diagon Alley that bright Sunday afternoon, I hurried towards the Ollivanders. There weren’t a lot people there as most of the first years had already got their wand earlier. Nervously I knocked at the door, waited for a second or two and pushed it open. After getting used to the dim light inside, I found myself squeezing in an old fashioned room—–full of boxes in various sizes here and there! ‘Er…Hello? Anybody here?’ I called out, turning my head curiously around the room. I nearly jumped when a hoary voice behind the gray table answered ‘First year? Come closer…’. (No means to offend.) I stepped forward to the table, where a ray of light illuminated upon.

‘Ha, another little Asian.’ The old man squinted his eyes and grinned. I nodded awkwardly, offering a weak smile. He hummed and without other words, stumbled onto a levitating ladder, which shot across the shelves almost at once. Moments later, he shifted back with a pile of boxes in his arms and scattered them on the table. ‘So…’ He unwrapped one, murmuring,’Holly wood with a unicorn hair core, 12, pliant flexibility. Let’s start from this one.’ He passed it carefully to me. ‘What’s your wand arm?’ I blinked blankly and picked it up with my right hand. ‘Go on! Give it a wave.’ I did what he said, swishing the wand at the ceiling, which, cracked and yawned and shredded off a handful of dust. ‘Soooorry. I didn’t mean to…’ I squeaked, patting my dusted clothes. ‘Oh that’s fine, hump, let’s try this one instead.’ Mr.Ollivander waved his wand to mend the damaged ceiling and handed me another ‘pine wood’ wand. I grabbed it tight and before it can splash something in sight, however, Mr.Ollivander seized it back. ‘No no. Definitely not this one either.’

I kept on trying what seemed to be a couple more wands. Really anxious I was indeed, what if not a single wand wants me and will I have to learn the charms empty-handed? Or…going straight back home because nothing can fit me? ‘Merlin’s beard! I forgot this, Miss! Vine wood with Phoenix feather core, 12 ¼, quite bendy. Here, fetch it.’ He opened up the last one on the table, examining it. I waved it hopelessly. A dazzling ray of light streamed from the tip of the wand immediately filling up the whole somber shop. ‘Perfect!’ Ollivander clapped merrily and wrapped the last wand up for me. I counted the galleons and sickles for several times, took the well-packed wand, waved goodbye and left. ‘Have a good time in Hogwarts!’

That’s how I got my wand and I dare say it’s the best one ever! I’ve never messed up a single spell with it yet.


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